What ITANTA does is simple. What you can do with it is magic.


Built-in data acquisition tools and connectors take the pain, time, and effort out of connecting to any SCADA, any PLC, and any database.

  • Asset 46 Monitor the status of your facility at any time on any device from wherever you are
  • Asset 45 Synchronize SCADA data bi-directionally and store data for historical analysis


Track production, eliminate down-time, cut waste, and increase productivity by getting vital information in a fraction of the time.

  • Asset 39 Connect to any operational data stores, PLCs, devices, or historians
  • Asset 40 Turn raw data into actionable information and share it with your team


SCADA reports, Industrial Projects reports, Production Management reports, OEE and Downtime reports, QA reports, Compliance reports, Historical Data Analysis reports…pretty much any kind of industrial report.

  • Asset 41 Connect to and combine all your data
  • Asset 42 Schedule report creation


Connect to plant-floor and field devices at the edge of your network and push data to business and enterprise applications.

  • Asset 44 Create an efficient pipeline for all your IIOT data
  • Asset 43 Fully integrate with other IIOT platforms


Connect business and enterprise software with real-time operational data. Drive insightful, informed decision making and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise.

  • Asset 38 Scalable and secure enablement of OT and IT integration
  • Asset 37 Large scale, efficient
    data collection

Every Solution Brings The ITANTA Difference



Mobile Access

Code Free

Easy Scalability

Security, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery

integration and connection


Simplification doesn’t end with our products or the solutions they enable.